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Hi. I’m Bernie Schwab. We provide payroll. Every aspect of payroll that any client would need. But we do it in a personalized, specific way. Something that meets their individual needs.

What we love is our clients. They are incredible people. They give to their employees. They give to their communities. They work hard. They try to do the best for the clients that they serve. We love to know them. We love to be able to work with them. And we love to be able to serve them.

What we believe is that every client, every person is somebody worthy of respect and worthy to be served. And why we do what we do at Spruce Valley in terms of serving our clients is because we want to express our respect, our dignity, our love and appreciation for those that are around us and to say to them something like this, “You deserve better than what others have given. And we’re here to serve you to give you the best that we have.”

Give us a call. We really want to meet you. We really want an opportunity to serve you.

Our Values & Commitments

Payroll is personal… it’s all about you and what you need. We will customize our actions based on our clients needs. To us, a client is not a number, but a business or individual that deserves our very best effort.

We Value Ethics and Integrity. We will do what is right, to the best of our ability, all of the time.

We consider our clients as members of our own family and we are committed to helping our clients grow and prosper. Because we serve a community of businesses, we believe in promoting and connecting our clients, one to another.
Errors are not acceptable. We believe that errors in payroll, either by ourselves or our clients, will negatively impact an employees work experience. Our goal is to eliminate mistakes and, to the best of our ability, work to ensure that payroll is correct the first time, every time.
Sense of urgency
Each task we are asked to complete will be actively engaged and urgently delivered. Commitment to problem-solving… We will use our industry expertise and commitment to excellence to help our clients resolve whatever challenges they find themselves in.
Fair value
We will use our industry experience, knowledge of best practice and commitment to excellence to deliver maximum value to our clients for a fair price.

We are here to serve and our clients deserve our very best. That is why we say at Spruce Valley Payroll & Services, “We bring peace of mind to payroll.”

Call Bernie at 952-894-6282
or email to bernie@svpayroll.com

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we bring peace of mind to payroll


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